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Peeling the Wild Onion

"Chicago" is the Native American word for wild onion. As an onion has many layers, so too does the cuisine of the namesake city. Peeling the Wild Onion uncovers those layers and captures the essence of the Chicago's culinary past, present and future in the new cookbook from the Junior League of Chicago.

More than two hundred exceptional and creative recipes have been collected and tested by Junior League members, families and friends. These recipes are organized seasonally and peppered with culinary and cultural facts.

Peeling the Wild Onion features:

  • 192 artistic pages featuring recipes and seasonal illustrations by Anne Hankey
  • 190 tested recipes that highlight Chicago's cultural and culinary diversity
  • Introduction from Christopher Koetke, Dean of Chicago's School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College
  • Warm anecdotes on Chicago's seasons and poignant community events
  • Short stories about local restaurants, geographical and historical highlights, traditions and festivities that are unique to Chicago
  • Recipe tips for food preparation and preservation
  • Four seasonal menus at each chapter heading that group sequential recipes
  • Recipe contributions from notorious local restaurants and personalities.

Peeling the Wild Onion won 2nd Place in the 2008 TABASCO® Community Cookbook Awards.

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