Junior League of Chicago Membership Reinstatement Form

Please completely fill out the following form to submit a request to reinstate and re-join the Junior League of Chicago. This form is meant for individuals that have previously been Associate, Active, or Sustainer members of the Junior League of Chicago.

  • If you have never been a member of any Junior League and are looking to join for the first time, please visit our website to read more about the process of becoming a new member.
  • If you have previously been a member of another Junior League Chapter and are interested in joining the Junior League of Chicago, you will need to reach out to your previous Junior League Chapter to request a transfer of Membership.  

Please reach out to the JLC Membership & Development Manager, Leah LaDuke at lladuke@jlchicago.org with questions regarding membership or transfer. Thank you!

The JLC Membership Year runs from June 1 - May 31. Dues cannot be pro-rated or reduced for reinstating part-way through a membership year. Dues are $320 for Active Members and $215 for Sustainer Members. You can only reinstate as a Sustainer if you had previously achieved Sustainer Status.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the JLC Membership Manager at lladuke@jlchicago.org.